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Amphibians are a group of cold blooded animals that start life as eggs in the water. They then develop into tadpoles that look like tiny fish with tails. They then develop four legs turning into Froglets, Toadlets, or Newtlets before they leave the water.

When they leave the water they lose their tail however newts keep them. Most amphibians stay on land, with few staying fully aquatic. They prefer to live in damp secluded areas of land and only return to water to breed.

All amphibians breath through their skin and can absorb harsh chemicals meaning they cannot me handled frequently as the oils in our skin is harmful too them.
Amphibians make great pets in captivity and have plenty of different species to choose from. Frogs come in all different shapes and sizes making some great for beginners and others more for experienced keepers. Frogs have smooth slimy skin and must be kept moist at all times.

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Amphibian Care

They make great display pets as they come in multiple colours and are very active hunters meaning you can watch them actively hunt when offered food. Toads also make great pets. Unlike frogs they have rough dry warty skin. They still need to be kept damp however they can tolerate longer periods of being kept dry. Some species also grow a lot larger than most frogs meaning they can make impressive show pieces and like frogs are also ferocious eaters. Newts and salamanders are the last type of amphibian available in the pet trade.
The majority of these stay in water however some do stay on land. These can make an interesting alternative as you keep them in aquariums meaning the setup will be completely different to what a frog or toad would be kept in. Their diet is also different as they still eat bugs however some will eat aquatic food such as blood worms or shrimp which could make a better alternative as they won’t need live food meaning no live bugs will need to be kept in the household as shrimps and blood worms are available in frozen blisters.

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