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Birds are a group of warm blooded vertebrates that have feathers, lay eggs, and have wings giving them the ability to fly. It is believed that birds have descended from dinosaurs. There are over 10000 species of birds worldwide. Some birds are incredibly intelligent that they know how to make and use tools. There are hundreds of birds available in captivity and they make great pets if you know what you’ll be dealing with.

Birds can either be purchased as “hand reared” or as an “Avery bird”. Hand reared birds are much more expensive than Avery birds as they have been hand reared meaning they have be reared by people. This means they are used to human contact meaning they willingly interact with people. These birds make great pets as you can get them out all the time knowing they won’t be stressed out and will thoroughly enjoy playing and interacting with their human counterpart.
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They also make brilliant pets for people who are alone or don’t often have company as they can learn how to talk (some species much better than others) and can be given attention all the time meaning you will never be alone and bored. Avery birds are the other type of bird available in captivity. These birds have been reared by the parent meaning they are not used to human contact.
These birds are considerably cheaper than hand reared birds but still make great pets. These types of birds make great pets as they don’t require a lot of human interaction meaning they will be happy left alone as long as they are given enough stimulation to keep them happy. These birds are ideal for people who are busy during most of the day as they don’t like interacting with people. This is ideal as hand reared birds need human interaction on a regularly basis meaning if they are left alone too often they can become stressed or turn aggressive.

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We offer a full boarding service to look after your animals whilst you go away on holiday. You can rest assured that they will be looked after, fed and watered by our friendly staff.

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