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About Invertebrates

Invertebrates are animals that do not poses a back bone or a skeleton made out of bone. They are the largest animal kingdom and make up 97% of all animals on the planet!

Bugs are very good at adapting to various environments such as very dry habitats or very hot ones. They have also adapted to eat various foods such as plant matter, live and dead animals, and decaying organic materials. Spiders have adapted to make webs made out of silk to catch their prey where else tarantulas have large fangs which make it very easy to subdue their prey.
Are Invertebrates for me?

Invertebrate Care

Invertebrates make great pets for multiple reasons. Most of them are very easy to care for and their enclosures are very simple to setup and maintain. They also don’t need interaction as they do not poses the mental capacity to understand affection and social interaction so are best kept to themselves. Another good factor about a lot of bugs is that they short life spans. Believe it or not this is actually a good thing as it means you won’t get bored or fed up of keeping them as most wont last longer than one to three years.
Bugs are also very low maintenance as they make very little mess and when they do it only takes several minutes to sort it out. Some also hardly need feeding meaning there wont be many faeces deposited in the enclosure. Fruit eating bugs only need feeding every few days and bugs eating live food only need feeding on a weekly basis. Like reptiles bugs can make great talking pieces as they can be kept in nice display enclosures and are also fairly unusual creatures that are not often seen kept in your average household.

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We offer a full boarding service to look after your animals whilst you go away on holiday. You can rest assured that they will be looked after, fed and watered by our friendly staff.

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