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About Reptiles

Reptiles are a group of animals which include tortoises, turtles, lizards, snakes, and crocodilians. They are all covered in scales, plated armour made out of bone, or both. Reptiles cannot regulate their own body temperature like birds and mammals so heavily rely on the temperature in the environment.

They bask in the sun to warm up and increase their metabolism and stay in the shade to cool down. Most reptiles lay eggs which typically take several months to hatch however, some species give birth to live young.

Reptiles make great pets for many different reasons. First of all they are incredibly fascinating to keep and care for as they are unusual and unlike any other animal commonly kept in captivity. Reptiles also make great pets as they don’t need social interaction with people so are ideal pets for people who cannot spend time bonding with them. They are happy to be left alone.


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Reptile Care

Reptiles are also fairly easy to care for. Certain species can be a challenge to keep in captivity however the more commonly kept pet reptiles are very simple to care for if the correct environment and care is given. Most reptiles don’t even need feeding every day and some only need to be fed weekly!
Reptiles also make great show pieces as they can be kept in beautiful live planted enclosures and make great talking pieces as they are not often seen in every house hold. Reptiles are also great rewarding pets. It is incredibly rewarding to watch one grow and become tame and use to human contact knowing that you were the one responsible for it.
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We offer a full boarding service to look after your animals whilst you go away on holiday. You can rest assured that they will be looked after, fed and watered by our friendly staff.

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We welcome everyone of all ages to come down to visit us. Here you will find a huge variety of different animals and all the equipment and food you will need to look after your new best friend.


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