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There are more than 1850 species of geckos worldwide giving you plenty of options on what species to keep in captivity. Unlike snakes there are no species of geckos that are life threatening however there are certain species that have an aggressive temperament so are best left as display pets and for more experienced keepers.

Like snakes there are certain species of geckos that come in a variety of different morphs also giving you plenty of colours and patterns to choose from.

Geckos such as Crested geckos and Leopard geckos make fantastic beginner pets due to their ease of care and great temperament. Other species such as Tokay geckos make great display animals as they have a bad attitude but look absolutely incredible! Leaf tailed geckos are a species of gecko best kept by more experienced keepers as they can be tricky to care for and are so fragile.


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Gecko Care

Overall there are so many different options too choose from when deciding on a species of gecko to keep as a pet. The most important thing to do before purchasing a certain species of gecko is to do research.

Ensure that the particular species you are interested in is suitable for you and whether or not you can provide that animal with all its required needs.

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