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There are over 3000 species of snakes worldwide. This means there are so many different species of snakes that can be kept in captivity giving you plenty of choices. Snakes make fantastic pets for many different reasons. They are fascinating to watch exhibit natural behaviours such as basking and constricting and eating prey items offered to them.

Certain species such as Ball Pythons and Corn snakes make great beginner pets as they are easy to care for and are great for handling and have a very good temperament.

Other species such as Green Tree Pythons require a little more care and are more of a hands off and make great display animals only. Finally there are snakes such as Cobras and Rattle snakes which are kept in captivity as pets believe it or not however these species require extensive training and requires licencing to keep these species safely.


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Many species come in various colours as well, commonly referred to as ‘morphs’ so there are plenty of colours and patterns to choose from giving you plenty of options when choosing your snake.

To summarise snakes make incredibly rewarding pets and the most important thing before purchasing one is to do research on the species you are interested in to ensure that is the right species for you and to ensure you will be able to provide all the animal’s needs.

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