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There are currently 41 different species of pythons worldwide. Overall there are plenty of good beginner python species for new keepers. Royal pythons are the best example of this as they are extremely popular and make an excellent beginner snake. Children pythons and spotted pythons are also good beginner snakes as they generally have a good temperament and actually stay even smaller than a ball python.

There are other species that are great for more experienced keepers such as reticulated pythons and Burmese pythons due to their large size and food aggression with reticulated pythons. Other species such as Green Tree pythons are excellent for experienced keepers as they make great display animals in live planted setups however they are typically aggressive and can be tricky to rear which young.
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Overall there are plenty of species of pythons to choose from that will suit your taste and with a variety of morphs available on the market there are hundreds of options to choose from.
The most important thing to do before choosing a certain species of python is to always do your research to determine if that species is right for you and whether you can meet its requirements or not.

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