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Blood Pythons
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About Blood Pythons

There are three types of blood pythons that are all closely related. The blood python. The Borneo short tailed python. The Sumatran short tailed python.

All three species average out at 5 feet however blood pythons tend to get much larger. Blood pythons can have an attitude, so new beginners may not want to start with one of these however if worked with they can be tamed. The Sumatran blood python typically have a much better temperament compared to the other two species.

Blood Pythons

What type?

Blood Python

The first being the blood python which originates from Thailand, peninsular, Malaysia, eastern Sumatra and the surrounding islands. They can come in a variety of colours from browns to yellows and are the only species out of all three to have a red colouration to them.

Borneo Short Tail Python

The second type is the Borneo short tailed python which originates from Borneo. They tend to come in a darker colouration from browns to tans.

Sumatran short tailed python

The last type of blood python is the Sumatran short tailed python which originates from Sumatra. They also come in a much darker colouration ranging from brown to dark grey to black.

Are Blood Pythons for me?

Blood Python Care

All three species of blood pythons need to be kept humid so should be kept on bark or soil to allow them to thrive. Blood pythons do better be kept in cooler temperatures. Blood pythons should be kept with an average temperature of 27 degrees Celsius with a hot spot only being a few degrees more at 30 degrees Celsius.

Blood pythons don’t need UVB however it is very beneficial. Blood pythons are starting to become available in different colour morphs meaning you have options to choose from when deciding on what blood python you want.

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