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Burmese Pythons
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About Burmese Pythons

Burmese pythons are a large species of python native to Southeast Asia. They average out at 15 to 20 feet and should be kept my more experienced keepers due to their sheer size.

It is always important to have someone on standby in case anything goes wrong. Dwarf Burmese pythons are a much smaller version of their larger cousins that is also available in captivity. They average out at 8 feet but seem to be much less common currently meaning it will be hard to find one.

Are Burmese for me?

Burmese Python Care

Burmese pythons need a hotspot of about 31 degrees Celsius with a cool side of 28 degrees Celsius. UVB is beneficial to Burmese pythons however it is not necessary.

Burmese pythons can be kept on a variety of substrates such as newspaper, bark, soil, lignocel, or aspen. There are a variety of morphs available for Burmese pythons giving you plenty of options to choose from.

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